ARTIFICIAL HYMEN Just order your virginity! Confirm blood traces in your wedding night...

We would like to introduce you here to our products, with which you can confirm your virginity on your wedding night in 100% safe way.


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With our virginity restoration set, you get the opportunity to artificially restore your virginity at home and convince the family of your innocence.


The VirginiaCare products have a reputation you can trust. Seize the chance to easily solve your problem without going to a doctor.

artificial hymen


2x Artificial Hymen


You have losing your virginity? With the artificial Hymen of VirginiaCare, you can easily attest your virginity. You just have to insert it 30 minutes before sexual intercourse and it disappears as blood again. You can testing 1x Hymen before!

Through warmth and moisture it dissolves completely in your vagina. Your husband / partner does not notice anything and will be happy about the blood stains he sees.  49,90€

vagina tightening gel

1x 50ml Vaginal Tightening Gel


So that your virgin feeling is perfect, we have also developed a vaginal firming gel. The gel you just grease 1-2 week before the sexual intercourse on your vaginal entrance and your vagina entrance tightens intensively. 34,50€

virginity blood capsules

2x Virginity Blood Capsules Pills


With the self-resolving Virginity Blood Capsules-Pills, you can confirm your virginity by appearing of blood traces. Insert the Capsule 2 hours before sexual intercourse. 1x Capsules for testing before! 49,90€

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You're about to solve your problem with the safest, easiest and cheap solution, available to the problem worldwide.

  • Confirm virginity without surgery and risk
  • 100% blood stains
  • Result like real virgin
  • Anonymous Delivery
  • Safe shipping in any country because it is shipped in envelopes/box
  • No customs clearance
  • Standard shipping 7-14 days (free)
  • Express shipping 1-5 days (costs extra)
  • 100% natural
  • Made in Germany
  • No advertising and company sender

virgin again no afraid

are you afraid he will feel it or it will not work?


No, it won't stick out!

It is made of a self-dissolving cellulose with artificial blood which is identical to real blood. Once it has been introduced, it melts at your vaginal wall. During penetration everything is mixed with the body fluids and comes out as blood.

restore virginity without side effects



Our products have been carefully tested and no side effects are known. No side effects were reported by the users. So do not worry!

100% Sure!

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